Haley & Oliver’s Long Distance Love Story at Aldie Mansion

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Oliver, who served in the Marnies special forces, shared a special tradition with his fiancé Haley. Whenever they found themselves at the airport, they made it a point to pick up McDonald’s fries together. Haley believed that these golden, crispy fries had the power to bring an extra dose of happiness to their journeys. This tradition became a symbol of their love and the joyful moments they shared.

When it came to creating their wedding film, it was only natural to incorporate this meaningful tradition. Bernardi Films, renowned as the best videographer in the Philadelphia area with over a decade of experience, was chosen to capture their special day. The wedding took place at the picturesque Aldie Mansion in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, providing a stunning backdrop for the celebration.

Working alongside Bernardi Films was Darby Shea Photography, ensuring that every precious moment of Oliver and Haley’s wedding was beautifully documented through captivating photographs. To achieve a cinematic visual style, the wedding film was shot using the Sony FX3 and Sony FX30 cameras, utilizing the Slog 3 profile with Phantom Luts. This approach added depth and enhanced the storytelling of their wedding day.

Carefully selected licensed music from Soundstripe.com complemented the visuals, capturing the emotions and ambiance of Oliver and Haley’s wedding day. The appropriate permissions were obtained to ensure a seamless and legal incorporation of the chosen tracks.

In the end, the wedding film eloquently portrayed Oliver and Haley’s love story, incorporating their cherished tradition of McDonald’s fries. This thematic editorial shoot added a touch of personal significance and whimsy to their special day, creating a lasting memory that they and their loved ones could cherish for years to come.

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