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Like cherished stories passed down through generations, each retelling shapes and sometimes shifts the very essence of those memories. Through our expert cinematography paired with one-of-a-kind sound design, we'll create a timeless film that holds true to your memories — crisp, vibrant, and profoundly real. Every laugh, every tear, every dance step, immortalized just as they happened — forever fresh, forever yours.

Your wedding day is a narrative that will be told, and retold, for years to come. 

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Wedding Films

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Whether you’re planning a grand wedding weekend or gathering your chosen few for intimate vows, our bespoke cinematography captures the essence of your celebration. Tailored to meet your vision, our services offer flexibility in hours, coverage, and the amount of footage delivered, ensuring that every significant moment is beautifully immortalized. From subtle glances to grand gestures, our films do more than document your day—they tell the story of your unique love. Let us bring the magic of your special day to life, creating a timeless film that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Original Composition

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Our original music scores are thoughtfully composed for your film, inspired by the unique story of your love. Offering this as a special gift to your spouse-to-be could add an intimate touch to your wedding film, making it an even more memorable part of your celebration. Each composition is tailored to enhance the storytelling and emotions of your day, bringing a personal resonance to every moment captured on film.




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Deepen the intimacy of your wedding film with our bespoke service, interviews. Named for its focus on capturing heartfelt moments, your wedding film includes personal interviews, just like those from your favorite reality TV show. In your film, the spotlight shines on you, your partner, and your unfolding love story. We'll integrate heartfelt testimonials from family and friends, straight from your wedding, as they chat about memories, share stories, and offer personal reflections that celebrate your bonds. These genuine, unscripted moments add a rich, emotional layer, making your film a timeless and treasured narrative of your special day.

Raw Footage & Teasers

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Raw and unfiltered, we're happy to provide the uncut footage of your most important events, such as your ceremony, toasts, and any moment you'd like to press replay on. From special dance cuts to pre-edited teasers, perfect for sharing on socials, these selections allow you to experience your day from every angle. 




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Lucas & Michaela

We were drawn to Luke because of his ability to capture moments in an organic and flowing way that allows people's character to shine through. He was a pleasure to work with, and was extremely prompt and accommodating. We were thrilled with our feature film video, as well as the raw footage which allowed us to relive moments of our wedding.

"We could not be happier with Luke & could not recommend Bernardi Films enough!"

Jason & Celeste

Weddings can be stressful and hectic, but Luke and his team are just about as calm, cool, and collected as you could ask for when capturing your big day. Luke was fast friends with our other vendors, focused entirely on capturing the most important day of our life, and delivered exactly the type of high quality footage you would expect.

"Trust this man with your video & you will not be disappointed"

Vish & Pat

Luke and his team arrived on time and, for most part of the day, I had no idea we were even being filmed. Luke is so great and easy to work with. He was always available and extremely responsive for any questions I had leading up to the big day. We LOVE our wedding video and it’s one of the best investments you can make for your wedding. The quality of Luke’s work is phenomenal.

"He makes it so effortless & captured all the beautiful moments from our big day."

Your story, forever captured.