Candice & Adam’s Summer Wedding at Vie by Cescaphe

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Join the remarkable journey of Candice and Adam, whose enchanting love story began in a histology class during their time in medical school and blossomed in the heart of Philadelphia. Experience the heartfelt exchange of vows that vividly illustrate their unwavering commitment and unbreakable bond. Their story unfolds against the iconic backdrop of Philadelphia, echoing the resilience of love amidst life’s challenges.

From the historic halls of the histology class to iconic locations like City Hall, the Philadelphia skyline, Old City, Merchant’s Exchange Building, and the 18th-century gardens, their connection is deeply rooted in the spirit of this vibrant city.

Celebrate a love that endured the trials of medical school and life, growing stronger against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s unique charm. Their promises and genuine emotions narrate a tale of unwavering devotion, interwoven with the essence of this storied city.

Feature Film


Featuring Original Music by Luke Bernardi

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